Prior to joining the Valor Team, Jake served as Operations Manager for a privately owned finance company in the Roanoke Valley where he honed his customer and client building skills. Handling everything from marketing and customer service to purchasing and strategy, he played a key role in driving company revenue to record breaking numbers year after year.

Before moving to Roanoke, Jake was also a civilian contractor for the Department of Defense in Iraq, where his thirst for adventure and drive for excellence quickly gained him notoriety as the go-to guy for all issues, large and small. During this time he discovered a passion for travel and hopes to continue his global expeditions in the years to come.

Always challenging himself and others to achieve greatness, Jake takes pride in his work and hopes to make his mark as one of the best recruiters Valor Partners has ever seen. He adopts the motto of “work hard, play hard” and can be found cultivating his body and mind through hours of hard work at the gym or out socializing on the town.

Phone: 540.492.4245
Email: jake@valorpartners.com