The Recruiting Industry Is Changing (Thoughts On How To Adapt)

We made it to 2017! Great job everyone. A lot happened in 2016 and there are a lot of people that are ready to get started with 2017, building off the momentum of 2016 and anticipating more success and greater achievement (not to mention the accompanying happiness) in the new year.

 In 2016, we noticed a trend in the articles that came rolling in and they all said the same thing - the business of recruiting is changing. It’s true. It's becoming increasingly easier to become a "recruiter" and increasingly more confusing to everyone on the receiving end of those phone calls, emails or other forms of reach out to know what to pay attention to. Thanks to search tools like LinkedIn, Crunch base, and now even Facebook and Google getting into the talent market, the challenge is becoming what and who to listen to when it comes to career decisions.

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Recruiters used to be valued for who they knew. That is no longer true. Today, the best recruiters understand their value isn’t in who they know but in what they know about who they know. While we all continue to be bombarded by social media applications attempting to connect us all, those applications fail to create connection- that is where we come in.

Established, trusted search firms continue to differentiate themselves from the fly-by-night operations by focusing on providing an exceptional experience, delivering in-depth market information and of course, accessing the best talent in the market (not necessarily on the market- and there is a huge difference!). While we understand the importance of the digital world experience and all things Social Media, we also understand that trust, connections, and relationships are only built with direct voice-to-voice communication. For us, the human element of search is the most valuable and most important.

This year, one of our main goals is to build on the trusted partner relationship we have created with our current clients and to *wow* our new clients while creating an experience for our candidates that makes them feel valued, important, and recognized- regardless of the outcome. We will continue to meet people where they are, give them information, guidance, and access to opportunity that will help them achieve greater success and more career joy- as we always have.

So, here's to 2017. No matter what the year brings, Valor Partners will be working harder than ever to make a positive difference in the executive search industry, ensuring our clients and candidates receive the very best experience when partnering with us to achieve their goals.