We Are Headhunters

Founded in 2002, Valor Partners is a true search firm - our clients are software and technology companies ranging from the innovative startup to the established market leader -who rely on us to find and attract talent that is hidden; the candidates that are too difficult and time consuming to find or recruit without us. We have over 15 years of dedicated technology search expertise focused on building leadership, sales, and marketing teams for our clients; it's all we do. However, we don't view our service as simply providing candidates to our clients; our true value is in the deep insight we can share: about the candidate, the search strategy, the market, about how we can succeed together.
We are a boutique executive search consultancy committed to:
● The software and technology industry.
● Ensuring our clients get access to the exact talent they want to hire.
● Our clients competing and winning - both for talent and market-share.
● Making every effort to provide our clients a gender-balanced candidate slate for every search.
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“Getting ‘A’ players in our industry where quick spin-up and time to market are critical, Valor Partners delivered top talent in a compressed time frame. I look forward to our continued process.”