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Change Image on Hover in CSS
Send out example.JPG


This is a sample of the main start message. The part circled in red is where the about you info graphic and contact stuff will go.
Keep in mind that in the e-mail send out they will be smaller (so less obnoxious) than they appear on this page!


Additionally I think you guys both said to get rid of the "What makes us the best" and focus on a client quote abut how swag we are.

Additonally #2. The texts about "Enterprise Software" and "Healthcare IT" are things that I took from out current website,  feel free to make edits to those as I'm not great with the writing part :) 


sample 3 - Doug.jpg
sample 3 - drew.jpg


These wouldn't have so much space between them in the send out. 
And may look better without the image at the bottom?

sample 4.jpg
sample 4 Drew.jpg

#3 & #4
These are similar to the one I showed you in our last meeting but without the client logos

sample 5.jpg
sample 6.jpg



side by side instead of stacked? - the background color is easily changeable. 

sample 2.JPG

&& These are Hover links!!! 
Mouse over them and they change. - not perfected yet but I'm really f-ing proud of them.

(might not be able to put them in vision6 messages bc I had to actually code them, but it means we can do more with our current webpages and future blog posts etc..) 

Change Image on Hover in CSS
Change Image on Hover in CSS