Founded in 2003, Valor Partners is a trusted search partner to numerous technology companies; from the innovative start-up to established market leaders. We don’t view our service as simply providing candidates to our clients; rather we provide insight: about the candidates, about the market, about the search strategy and process to ultimately help our clients gain a competitive advantage in attracting and hiring the most desirable candidate.


We understand that our value is to deliver the right talent as quickly as possible.  We also understand the value of your time- you have a job to do and it isn’t posting jobs, networking, reading resumes or having phone screens with people who ultimately aren’t going to fit or really aren’t interested in your job or helping build the company.  We streamline the process with the goal being to help you achieve your growth goals.  Additionally, we have a couple important tenants that are the foundation of how we operate:

  • We are going deliver only qualified candidates- save you time and ultimately, money (and get to productive much faster)
  • We are an extension of you- we tell your story to the market- we are only going to hire one person but we are going to influence many.  They are going to walk away with a positive impression of your company.
  • We make every effort to bring those who are qualified and diverse- we believe in the value of diversity, especially the benefit of the compliment of men and women working together.

We are here to offer you our time and expertise. If you need help with a certain hiring process or with finding a job that moves you further along your career path, don't hesitate to give us a call. We are always open to a conversation about the executive search process.