Founded in 2003, Valor Partners is a trusted search partner to numerous technology companies; from the innovative start-up to established market leaders. We don’t view our service as simply providing candidates to our clients; rather we provide insight: about the candidates, about the market, about the search strategy and process to ultimately help our clients gain a competitive advantage in attracting and hiring the most desirable candidate.

We are headhunters.

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver a different candidate – the candidate who isn’t looking, the candidate who is employed elsewhere, the candidate who isn’t a candidate until we reach them and tell them your story- a story where they make a positive difference, have greater impact and a more fulfilling career working with you. Our clients appreciate our ability to provide otherwise unreachable talent and the insight we provide in how to best acquire the skills and talents of those exceptional individuals.


We have been intimately involved in the evolution of enterprise software and the transition to today’s intuitive, on-demand application environment.  Whether our client is a well-known industry leader or a newly funded cutting edge start-up, we have a proven track record of finding the right talent.


Since 2010, we’ve been building our dedicated Health Tech practice. We continue to grow our organization and carve out a place as the leader in building Sales, Marketing and Client Services teams for the most innovative companies in the industry, both start-up and mid-size. Our clients are focused on defining new payment & care models, bettering patients’ lives and improving the overall Healthcare continuum; we are true partners in helping build businesses to achieve those desired outcomes.


The manufacturing world has always fascinated us.  The ability a company has to produce products either in massive scope, scale, or both, ship it around the world and have it arrive at the right place, at the right time, every time is nothing short of a miracle.  We are proud to partner with companies like Honeywell, Stanley Black & Decker, Emerson, and Boeing and we like being a part of their growth and success.



“Getting ‘A’ players in our industry where quick spin-up and time to market are critical, Valor Partners delivered top talent in a compressed time frame. I look forward to our continued process.”